Vinyl Lined Pools

Vinyl Lined Pools

Vinyl pools are generally less expensive than concrete ones, due to the construction of the shell and have advanced in construction and technology in recent years. They are structurally very strong and the liner material is now tougher and thicker than that used years ago, leaving you with a very attractive, non-abrasive and easy to maintain finish.

The size and shape of a vinyl-lined pool is limited only by your imagination. Vinyl-lined pools can be constructed using buttressed brick walls, double brick with concrete and steel-filled cavity or specially insulated to provide naturally warmer water.

The base of the pool can be custom-shaped with a shallow and/or deep end and finished with concrete. Once the shell is complete, the interior is measured for the liner to be tailor-made for your pool. As the liner is installed, it’s vacuum fitted, moulding to the shape of the pool perfectly. A locking strip holds the liner in place. Liner pools provide a sanitised and treated finish that resists the growth of algae, bacteria and fungus. It has special UV filters to resist fading and harmful sun damage and will never get black spot.

If manufactured, installed and maintained correctly, a vinyl-liner can last 15 years or more. These benefits mean you will use less chemicals to maintain a safe and hygienically clean pool. Renovation of a vinyl-lined pool is a very simple process. Once the old liner is removed, the pool is remeasured and a new liner is installed, giving a new lease of life and colour. Many old concrete pools are renovated using vinyl.

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