SPASA Magazine


SPASA Magazine

Before purchasing a pool or spa, be sure to contact the Swimming Pool and Spa Association of WA (SPASA) to receive a free copy of the glossy pool and spa magazine.

SPASA magazine has been designed to provide you with all the information you need to start planning. It will tell you everything you need to know about planning a pool or spa, what kind of pool to build, together with information on chemicals, filtration, cleaning, heating, fencing, landscaping and much more. It also gives the location of all our retail members across Western Australia. Included in our publication are illustrations of the annual Award Winning pools and spas in Western Australia.

The publication, however, is not just about new pools and spas. It's also for those of you with an existing installation. From major pool renovations to new filtration or heating, or just to learn more about your pool or spa, we trust you will find the information you need. As you will see, the choice is almost unlimited, depending on location, lifestyle and personal preference.

Australia builds and manufactures some of the most beautiful and technically advanced pools and spas in the world. Many of the award-winning installations you see throughout this publication have been honoured at national and international level. Western Australia is fortunate to have a number of pool suppliers - including the best there is by way of pool and spa construction techniques, filters, chemical treatments, heating equipment and pool and spa cleaners.

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