Concrete Pools

Concrete Pools

The single biggest advantage of concrete pools today is the infinite design possibilities. They are normally designed to fit your property, to complement the architecture of your house or the landscaping theme you want. Shape is only limited by the imagination of you or your pool designer. Because of their greater strength, concrete pools can be installed in almost any site and, with proper advanced planning, almost anywhere within a site.

The wall of the pool can become part of the foundation for the house so that the pool water laps the house walls. They are suitable as indoor pools - some even have both indoor and outdoor parts to them. Concrete pools can, with the co-operation of your neighbour and proper engineering, be placed right up to the property boundary. As with all in-ground pools, construction of a concrete pool begins with the excavation which is dug to the shape and depth required. In hard ground, it’s normal to 'over dig' and backfill with sand to provide a better base for the pool.

Concrete pools can incorporate many features that are difficult or impossible in other pools, such as deep ends, shallow ends, wading areas for small children, deeper diving areas, seats, swim-outs, rockeries - either on the pool edge or down into the water, beach areas, level decks and vanishing edges where the water actually flows out of the pool over a feature edge.

After excavating, the pool shape is formed out of disposable materials, the steel reinforcing is placed in position to provide a strong inner frame for the pool, and the concrete is then 'sprayed' onto the walls and floors and 'cut' to the final shape. It’s deliberately left in a rough state for better adhesion of the finishing coatings. The standard finish is a row of ceramic tiles at the waterline, a bull-nosed coping or edging, followed by a white or coloured cement render. Some popular variations in the final surface finish include; colour enhancement using oxides, ceramic-coated quartz chips, pebble coatings, epoxy resin paints, and the top of the range pool can be fully tiled in an unlimited array of colours in mosaic tiles.

A well-designed and constructed concrete pool can provide a permanent avenue for relaxation at home with family and friends, and result in a considerable increase in your property value.

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