Above Ground Pools

Above Ground Pools

An above ground pool offers homeowners many benefits they cannot get with a below ground pool. They cost less, are easily erected and can be taken down and moved when you move house. Most customers install the pools themselves or, alternatively, SPASA members that sell above ground pools will be able to direct the customer towards a trained installer.

Above ground pools can be supplied as braced or braceless models, and most suppliers offer deep end options. Modern above ground pools can now be installed partly, or in some cases fully, in-ground and with clever landscaping, you can hardly tell the difference between these pools and below ground pools and they are a fraction of the price. Why not visit a display centre for more ideas.

These pools have also changed with the times, with suppliers offering many design options. There are now even saltwater options available or, if you prefer, automated liquid chlorine injection feeders, which are becoming increasingly popular. Not all manufacturers can offer these options, so check with the suppliers before making your purchase. As with any pool, fencing requirements must be adhered to, although in many cases, only minimal fencing is required as the pool itself can be the safety barrier.

If manufactured, installed and maintained correctly, a vinyl-liner can last 15 years or more. These benefits mean you will use less chemicals to maintain a safe and hygienically clean pool. Renovation of a vinyl-lined pool is a very simple process. Once the old liner is removed, the pool is remeasured and a new liner is installed, giving a new lease of life and colour. Many old concrete pools are renovated using vinyl.

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