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Pool of the Year 2020

WINNER | Reflections Pool & Spa Care
This stunning pool has several unique and innovative features which were constructed to perfection. One of the most prominent features is the spa built in the pool. The spa, fully covered with mosaic tiles, sits beautifully within the pool, the edge of the tiles just below the waterline. Extending out of the top of the pool is the acrylic edge frame of the spa, creating the illusion of a water prism held aloft above the surface of the pool. The innovative design of the spa within and above the pool sets this pool and spa combination apart, maximizing space and impact.

Another striking feature is the 17 meters of disappearing edge that runs not only the length of the pool, but around the corner and side of the structure. The curved disappearing edge gives the pool an organic and flowing imagery, which provides the owners with an uninterrupted view of the picturesque setting. The light blue interior finished with dark blue tiles gives a modern feel to the pool, which complements the architectural style of the house.

This outstanding pool was constructed to a high quality standard with plenty of gorgeous features. However, the construction of the pool and spa did have several challenges to overcome. The site is in a remote location increasing logistical demands, the clay ground presented digging issues and the spa’s plumbing needed to go through the pool and be finished before the concrete was poured. This meant that all the plumbing had to be done flawlessly as once the re would be no access to make changes .

The owners were repeat clients, impressed with the quality craftsmanship previously demonstrated, they requested our services for their dream home pool. Their high expectations were met, having been delivered a stunning pool and spa that has an undeniable wow factor.

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